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Blocfall Free 1.8 

Blocfall Free has been updated to version 1.8 for Android and Kindle. The release improves audio performance and pause behavior, and fixes achievement bugs. 

Blocfall Free 1.8, Google Play (Android)

Blocfall Free 1.8, Amazon Appstore (Kindle)

April 17, 2014

Blocfall 1.8, iTunes (iOS) and Blocfall Free 1.8, iTunes (iOS) are now available.

Blocfall, Blocfall Free 1.7

Blocfall and Blocfall Free have been updated to version 1.7 for iOS, featuring new graphics, new music and sound, gameplay improvements, and maintenance fixes. 

Blocfall Free for Android has also been released in the Amazon Appstore for Kindle Fire devices and has been updated in Google Play.

Blocfall 1.7, iTunes (iOS)

Blocfall Free 1.7, iTunes (iOS)

Blocfall Free 1.7, Google Play (Android)

Blocfall Free 1.7, Amazon Appstore (Kindle)

Blocfall Reloaded

Blocfall and Blocfall Free have both been updated to version 1.4. The changes are substantial: new graphics, user interface improvements, rotating blocks, and iPad support, among them. The result is a much more entertaining game. If you haven’t tried Blocfall yet, there’s no better time to do so.

Blocfall Free Now Available

Now, in addition to Blocfall, there’s Blocfall Free. The new particle engine explosions present a significant improvement over the previous animated fireballs. Expect to see these in the paid version shortly.

Blocfal Free Today

 is free today, in honor of National Day in Scotland or the Battle of Narva.

Announcing Blocfall

Blocks fall but you can stop them. Show those blocks that gravity doesn’t scare you.

Easy to play and hard to master, Blocfall recalls past arcade classics. Your challenge is to clear each level of falling blocks by tapping the highest block on screen until the blocks are gone.

The blocks begin in a row and fall. Tapping the highest block will remove it and add points to your score. The lower that block is on screen, the more points it’s worth. Clearing a level quickly earns a bonus. Eliminating a series of blocks quickly may prompt Pinkeye to appear. Catch him if you can.

Tapping a block that’s next to other blocks will send the tapped block up and adjacent blocks down. Lose eight blocks off the bottom of the screen and the game ends. Score enough points and you win extra lives.

Tapping the screen below all the blocks will send them all upward, but there’s limit to how often that can be done. Tapping the screen above all the blocks will give them different speeds, separating them and making them easier to remove.

But be warned: Blocks that hit the top of the screen rebound at a faster speed. And every level is harder than the last.